Aaron Jay Lev’s guide on how to always win an argument

Aaron Jay Lev’s Guide on how to always win an argument

  1. Unhappy couple going through break-up

    Learn how to never be wrong!

    If the other person is in the minority – They are ignoring the facts

  2. If the other person is in the majority – They are just repeating “other side name” rhetoric
  3. If you just hate the other person and absolutely don’t care what they say – compare them to an unliked personality and/or tragic event
  4. If you know you are wrong – yell louder
  5. If you are right but in the majority – Give a lecture
  6. If you are wrong along with your idiot friends – Interrupt a lecture
  7. If you are so wrong, you can’t find friends to believe in what you believe –┬áLet everyone know the world is crazy
  8. If you make a fool of yourself on TV – Blame the media for being part of the conspiracy
  9. If there are facts that don’t support your argument – Join/Create a conspiracy
  10. If you just want to be right emotionally but don’t have any facts – Quote something you read on the internet

Thank you for reading my list!

Aaron Jay Lev

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