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Although I am probably the most awesome and best computer programmer in the world, I’m probably one of the most modest developers you will meet.  I’m a huge fan of, and decided to see what nice things someone would say for $5!  If you like the article, you can contact him at  I’ve made a few changes, but it’s always cool to have someone help you out!

Aaron Jay Lev is the Best “Rock Star” Programmer In Town for PHP Development, Android Coding, and iOS Software Engineering.

If you are looking for someone to program in PHP or want to create your own personalised Android or iOS App then look no further and contact me.  Let me introduce myself to you.  I am Aaron Jay Lev, the coolest guys and the best professional you should trust with your project. I like to work with clients not like a nerd who is introverted, but as a friend and professional who acts within your boundaries of a helpful resource.  Most of the programmers you hire won’t pay attention to your needs as they would be too focused on the project as a way to boost their own portfolio and would avoid certain details like your own personal touch or design idea that you want to implement while developing the project.  I know that it’s counter-intuitive because a programmer should develop something that would be according to the vision of the buyer (customer) to make them happy.  However, too often, that is not the case.

I always write down a list of your requirements then carefully analyze them one by one so that we don’t miss anything. I pay close attention to the implementation of the features you requested and inform you about the drawbacks of the program or software you want me to develop before I start programming.  I like to be as transparent as possible and will keep you informed every step of the way.  I have taken over too many projects where the client could not reach the developer by phone, and they could not convey a list of priorities.  For larger projects, I like to use Trello so that we can see a list of each feature of the project, set the priority, add notes, and you will know if it is in the “to do for later”, “working on now” or if I have finished it and waiting for you to review and provide feedback.  It is also typical for me to provide feedback after every work-shift to let you know what was accomplished and the goals for the next work shift.  I also use Tahometer if you would like to see real time updates of my screen while I work on your project with minute by minute time tracking.

A lot of programmers keep on putting a off their work until it somehow surpasses the deadline and he would cleverly come up with a lame excuse to extend the deadline even further.  In a few cases, I’ve dealt with companies that swore their developers were “almost done” according to them, but didn’t show any intermediate progress.  On the due date, they provided a blueprint of what needed to be done, and NO CODE!  After months of work, all they could show was a few hours of research.  Ug…

I have lots of mouths to feed, and to be honest, when I’m not coding, I helping my wife with house chores.  I like helping out around the house but I LOVE to programming because of the challenges and many puzzles I get to solve.  My clients love how I update them every single day about the progress of the project. That’s how I am and that’s what you can expect from me.

Well after my humble introduction let me boast about my technical qualification (I forgot to mention that I am a great Stand Up Comedian too).  I am well versed in LAMP (Linux Operating System, Apache Webserver, MySQL Database, and PHP Programming Languague), Cold Fusion, Android Programming (Java using Eclipse) and iOS Development (Objective C using XCode).  I rarely use toolkits or frameworks and typically will program in the Native system for the most control and to make my software Patentable.  I’ve been programming a while, so I’m also familiar with Perl, HTML5, CSS3, XML, Json, JQuery, Javascript, GIT, Github, Drupal, WordPress and Visual Basic.  Most of the programming I do is OOP (Object Oriented Programming).  Typically, I will do “bottom up” programming and make sure each function or class is unit tested before moving on to the next part.

I hold a BS in computer science from the University of Maryland, College Park.  I have started my career as a computer programmer for Montgomery County Public Schools.  In 1996 I started programming for a web design company in Boca Raton, and I thought the internet would be an integral part of everyone’s life.  I remember webpages before they had background colors, aol before they supported tables, and using text only webbrowser called lynx on my vt100 terminal. I worked in Perl on Unix servers and ASP on IIS Microsoft web servers.  I learned enterprise computer programming at Siemens, but wanted the challenges of smaller clients so started my own company called “Extreme Programming” because I loved Extreme Sports such as hanggliding and snowboarding and Compter Programming.  A few years later, I started using Cold Fusion on Windows Servers with Microsoft SQL Server before PHP was so widely adopted and more debugged.  I started helping other people build their MLM marketing websites with Cognigen, then Telarus, then Commission River and have recently started building my own. My independent works include the creation of a Link Exchange software ( in both php and Cold Fusion. I have created blogging websites for a few hundred customers.

In 2010, I wanted to continue to be on the leading edge of development by started to do Android and iOS mobile development.  I created an App for enhanced Help and Tutorial in Multiple Languages including English, Spanish, and German for the Samsung Galaxy Tablet 1.0.  I then started working in augmented Reality and created a Scavenger Hunt Game and marketing game on both the Android and iOS Platforms.  I have won the El Paso Addy award for a new car promotion with one of the apps.  Another project was a G Rated Videos Archive app. You can check out my resume for more.

I consider myself as The Best Rock Star Programmer in town because I get things done. You can contact me anytime and let me explain to you how my services can benefit you and your company.


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