Artisteer – The Apple Killer – Available on PC only, but worth it.

After a month of nearly exclusive use of my macbook, and only using my PC Laptop to grab a file or two, I must say, things are going well on my conversion from PC to Mac.  The best part is I used to do all my Android development on my PC, and all my iOS development on my Mac.  Now I’m doing all the development on one machine.

Last night I did realize that one program was missing, my website template builder, Artisteer.  After searching online for many hours, and testing out a dozen or so programs, I couldn’t find a substitute.  I did have to renew my annual service plan, but I think the money is well worth it.  That’s alot coming from me.  I don’t use any illegal software EVER, and usually try to find freeware replacements when possible, but there are a handful of times, it’s just worth it.

Artisteer - Web Design GeneratorJust to try to keep things as much as possible on the mac, I am using logmein to use Artisteer remotely on my mac.  Good enough for now.  I use the software, I enjoy it, and recommend it.  If you aren’t technically inclined, I’d be happy to build a website for you with my handy dandy website maker.

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